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The earth is our home and an intact nature for their health and therefore also for ours indispensable. For us, living and managing sustainably means caring for, keeping healthy and regenerate our most precious resources: nature, our relationships and our vineyard. This is why we have been a member of the turn to zero alliance since January 2020.

Turn to zero

Turn to zero is an alliance of companies and organisations founded in Vorarlberg, Austria in 2013. The joint mission is to make an active contribution to the 1.5 degree Celsius target of the Paris Climate Convention. To this end, all alliance members make their business activities climate-neutral, i.e. they reduce their CO
2 emissions to a minimum.

We are alliance partners

With our membership in turn to zero, we too want to make our contribution to climate protection. In concrete terms, this means that we measure and reduce the emissions from our business activities every year, and compensate for those that cannot be reduced through Gold Standard climate protection projects.

More about turn to zero


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